Patients sometimes need a longer acute care stay due to multiple injuries, trauma, or complications from an illness. Their unique medical and rehabilitative needs may require a specialized setting for optimal care. Specialty Hospital of Winnfield provides this level of expertise, close to home.

We are a 20-bed long term acute care hospital with a goal to medically stabilize and strengthen patients who meet the medical criteria for an extended hospital stay. We treat the whole patient – physically, emotionally and socially by providing an interdisciplinary team of expert healthcare professionals under the direction of dedicated, local physicians.

Treatments including but not limited to:
Post-Operative Complications


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid publication "What are Long-Term Care Hospitals?"

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How to select the best long term acute care hospital

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What is a long term acute care hospital?

Long term acute care hospitals (LTACH) provide intense treatment for patients who need at least 25 days in a hospital. Read More

A Perfect Combination for Patient Ventilator Weaning

Long-term acute care hospital (LTAC) is a term that is bein gheard more and more during rounds in the acute care hospital ICU. Read More


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